Mykonos Weather

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Mykonos is famous both for its glorious sunshine and its turbulent winds. The sun shines for up to 300 hundred days a year and it is only every rainy between February and March. This arid climate means that there is very little natural vegetation.

Although temperatures can rise as high as 40 degrees in the summer months, the wind prevents the overbearing heat and averages of 28 degrees are most common. Winters are very mild with average temperatures of 15 degrees.

The island's location means that, as a rule of thumb, temperatures are 2 degrees warmer in winter and 2 degrees cooler in summer than Athens. The growing season for vegetation falls around the beginning of winter and ends in mid-summer.

There are two main types of wind in Mykonos. One hits the island during the winter, arriving from the south and sometimes accompanied by electrical storms. The “Sirocco”, a famous southern wind, carries sands from the desserts that boarder the Mediterranean which falls like red rain. In the summer wind comes from the north and the “Meltemi”, which blows during July and August, cools down the days.

Its good to know that if the wind is blowing from the north, make sure to pick a beach on the south side of the island and vice-versa. Additionally pack appropriately and if you feel confused visit our What to Pack section - enjoy your trip.