Making Plans While in Mykonos

On an island where time is never of the essence, everything runs in a relaxed and laid back manner. Mykonian days go on forever meaning lunch can be served as late as 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Quickly settle at a west facing bar or travel to a high point to watch the sun set between 8 and 9pm.

Only early birds go to dinner at 9pm – the peak time is around 11pm. After a long meal head out to one of the hopping bars in town and whenever the mood strikes make your way to one of Mykonos' famous clubs to dance until the early hours of the morning.

We encourage reservations in some overly popular places but regardless of the occasion do not hesitate to get to know the one in charge. He or she will lead you to your favourite table every time and don’t be surprised if you get greeted by your very own name upon your next visit.

A typical day in Mykonos starts by waking up around noon and leisurely heading to one of the beaches or hotel pools. While sipping coffee or a refreshing cocktail under the sun, one can start making lunch plans for around 4pm to 6pm. The numerous restaurants on the island offer never ending options easily separated by location.

Following a, most probably, "unforgettable meal" it is time to start heading towards one of the many sunset spots. These spots are usually west facing and or on the top of a hill where the setting sun can be fully enjoyed. Amazing cocktails can be found in the town's five star hotels or else anywhere along the strip of Little Venice where the sun sets in the facing horizon. Depending on the mood, one can either carry on partying to the early hours of the morning or else return to base and freshen up for the "social walk" in town.

Head to town for 8pm to 10pm and admire the cosy store filled passages the island’s town has to offer. Dinner which is best booked for 10pm to 12am, can be enjoyed in any of the town's diverse restaurants and kitchens remain open until approximately 2am. If not fully in the spirit, find yourself starting the night in one of the well hidden "miniature" bars in town, which work great as warm-ups to a crazy night out. Alternatively snoozing off on this relaxing sun-soaked day will mean an early start for tomorrow.

For those who continue, the night is only starting; clubs in town will usually start buzzing from around 1am and remain open until 6 to 8am. After-hour clubs can also be found in the surrounding suburbs and beaches where one should expect nothing less than major headline DJs and thousands of partygoers reaching their nights climax. These institutions will open at 2am, peak around 3am to 4am and close at 8am depending on the DJ. It is not unusual to find yourself dancing under the sun in last night's clothes at 10am or even during noon of the day after.

Shall this be the case, your new day will start with lunch at 6pm and sunset for 8pm just as described above... Welcome to Mykonos

This lifestyle is available throughout June, July and August, while in April, May, September and October the true admirers of peacefulness, beautiful surroundings and the island's positive energy will surface...