Travelling in Mykonos

Need to get around, rent a car or bike, or perhaps to finally book that return ticket? If not, you may just still be planning your trip to the island, either way, it's all here for you.

  • Old Port 7 Key Areas

    The hubs of Mykonos all have something special to offer, know where you are and where you are going.

  • ALLROAD Car Rentals Mykonos 56 Rent A Car / Bike

    Getting around can become just a little easier when renting a car, bike or quad buggie. Small, big, jeeps and convertibles are available for you to choose from. You can also rent a boat, yacht or private jet.

  • Windmills Travel 33 Travel Agents

    To book your holidays, reserve hotels and tickets, rent a vehicle or to enquire about various activities and excursions, contact one of the island’s many travel agents.

  • no images available 7 Ferry Companies

    If you are travelling to Mykonos by boat, there are ferry and high speed boats to and from both major Athenian ports (Pireaus, Rafina) several times a day.

  • no images available 3 Airline Companies

    Are you flying to Mykonos? Greek & International airlines offer daily flights to and from Mykonos, from Athens and abroad.

  • Fabrika's Parking 2 Parking Sites

    A list of all the parking sites on the island – Parking is a luxury so find the one closest to your next destination!

  • EKO 5 Gas Stations

    No one likes running out of gas, so ensure you know where your nearest station is. You may also repair damaged or flat tyres or perhaps give your car a quick wash.

  • Moto Gem 14 Road Assistance

    For road assistance, breakdown help, and car and motorcycle repairs.

  • no images available 2 Concierge Services

    If you want to kick back and enjoy carefree holidays, concierge services are available to make your stay even more enjoyable.

  • 41 Mykonos Websites is seriously thorough, but if we don’t have something - these Mykonos related web sites might do.

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