Munchen Rent A Car / Bike

Maouna, Chora, Mykonos
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None It appears new and well maintained, but despite having 12 bikes as an option, he said only one was suitable for use (and even then, the automatic setting was faulty) There are 5 other options within a 2 minute walk with comparable prices We used Joe's Rentals the second day, and had a far more enjoyable experience

There is one staff member who was shockingly rude when we rented ATV bikes last week. Having never ridden one before, we were completely unfamiliar with the vehicle. Despite this, he rushed through the instructions within 2 minutes, and then urged us to immediately start driving on the busy roads. When we tried to spend an extra 5 minutes practicing how to start/stop/reverse/etc, he said, in exasperation, that he could not "spend the next 3 hours teaching us how to drive." When we couldn't kickstart the bike (the automatic setting was faulty on this bike and he wouldn't give us a new bike) after TWO attempts, he came uncomfortably close to my face and in an aggressive and threatening manner, he said "How can I teach you when you don't listen?" I am not one to write reviews, nor exaggerate a story for effect, but the treatment we received at this store has pushed me to share our experience. To those who are travelling to Mykonos - DO NOT TO USE MUNCHEN.