Anemoessa Hotel

Kalafatis, Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece, 84600
Anemoessa Hotel - anemoessa 1 - Mykonos, Greece

    About Anemoessa Hotel

    Situated above Kalafatis beach, on the south of the island, Anemoessa Hotel faces the Dimaston, the mythological site which took its name from Aphrodites bust.

    Surrounded by unspoiled stretches of land, the hotels aesthetics reflect the beauty of the nature of Mykonos: sun, sea, traditional Cycladic architecture colours and fragrances of the earth and above all, heart-felt hospitality.

    Anemoessa Hotel was recently renovated to be transformed into a relaxed and pleasant zone for you alone. Embodying the traditional Cycladic architecture, all rooms are a sensual delight: colours of white in contrast with the Aegean blue and the earthy tones of yellow, cosy and stylish furniture along with high-tech equipment create a unique ambiance of optimal comfort.

    Anemoessa Hotel Features

    Price Range: contact us for more information
    Luxury Level:
    Star Rating: Four Star
    Facilities: Stereo System, Minibar, TV & Satellite, Air Conditioning
    Amenities: Bar, Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Garden Area
    Services: Housekeeping, Room Service, Breakfast
    Good For: Family Friendly, Couple Friendly, Group Friendly