exceeds 5,000 LIKEs on Facebook was born when I decided to publish my knowledge of the island for my close friends to use as a guide when in Mykonos. In the past 2 years we proudly evolved to be the world's largest MYKONOS WEBSITE featuring the most in-depth information database of the island globally.

We further allowed the island's locals to take FULL CONTROL of their Businesses' Online Representation and helped them do so through every step of the way! We are very proud to support such a beautiful island and over 2,500 of its unique Businesses, while making it easier-than-ever for its Visitors to stay informed correctly - the way Mykonos wants it to be.

On this important milestone of our Mykonos relationship, I would like to THANK my hard working team who have exhausted thousands of hours in the development of this great project and remind ourselves that the appreciation received by millions of users who travel to Mykonos every year, along with the good words heard daily by the locals means that we are all doing something right and we got to keep it up!

Spread the word - introduce to your friends - promote Mykonos the right way.

Thank you,

Greg Tsouloufris
Founder & CEO