Eat & Drink in Mykonos

Greek, Italian, Argentinean, Japanese or French, the choice of traditional or modern, fish or meat, sea or mountain provides an assortment of ambience and flavour. Follow your craving and discover your ideal dining experience.

  • Molaraki 117 Restaurants

    Dine in luxury or in earthly simplicity, select among numerous cuisines and locations. FYI: reservations are highly recommended and dinner is served quite late in Greece.

  • Elia Restaurant 11 Beach Restaurants

    Grab yourself a front row seat and enjoy the view of the Aegean Sea's most stunning beaches. Offering you the option to lounge while drinking a cocktail, or dance between your starter and main, all you have to do is pick the beach you want.

  • Pitta Bar 19 Fast Food Places

    If you're after a quick bite, the town and outskirts offer a wide range of fast food and self-service restaurants. Take your pick from gyros, souvlaki, crepes, pizza and sandwiches. And for all you lazy people, delivery service is available from many restaurants.

  • Alexis Restaurant 36 Taverns

    For a more traditional experience, opt for a tavern serving Greek homemade dishes. By the sea try fresh grilled seafood, while when on the mainland order local grilled meat.

  • Piccolo 44 Cafes

    Coffee is a Greek ritual and is served no matter the time - day or night. Some cafes are tucked away inside the graphic Mykonian passages, while others offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea. The choice of scenery is yours...

  • Angelos 5 Internet Cafes

    Surf the internet, play games, check your emails or just send a fax in the company of your favourite coffee or beverage.

  • Calini 18 Patisseries & Ice Cream

    Nothing beats a refreshing ice cream on a warm summer day; or a sumptuous pastry on any day for that matter! With the choice to eat in or take away, all you need is to satisfy your craving.

  • Istories Gefseon Bakery 5 Bakeries

    Fresh bread, pastries and baked goods available every morning. Open from the break of dawn, bakeries cater to the early risers and the starving allnighter survivors!

Recommended places to Eat & Drink in Mykonos

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  • Gioras Bakery | Bakeries
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  • Capelayo | Beach Restaurants
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  • Porto Ornos | Taverns
  • Deli | Fast Food Places
  • Kadena | Restaurants
  • Everest | Fast Food Places
  • Pitta Bar | Fast Food Places
  • Kostas | Taverns
  • Sol y Sombra | Beach Restaurants
  • Passo Doble | Cafes
  • Argiro | Patisseries & Ice Cream