Services in Mykonos

Here you will find everything else available on the island...

  • Mykonos Massage 40 Health & Beauty Shops

    Want to work out? Have a Spa treatment? Get a tattoo? Or maybe have an aromatherapy massage? Take your pick...

  • Chionati 10 Dry Cleaners

    Self service laundry and drying machines are available on the island, in addition to several professional dry cleaning services.

  • South East Aigaion Medical Health Clinic 32 Medical Services

    For Medical emergencies, hospitals and specialized doctors and practitioners.

  • Christos Kontogiorgis 8 Pharmacies

    For prescription medication, first aid supplies, pharmaceutical cosmetics and toiletries you will find that there is always one of the island's pharmacies available to cover you around the clock.

  • Filanthis 6 Florists

    To send your loved ones abroad flowers, many florists in Mykonos can have that arranged for you.

  • Marfin Egnatia Bank 9 Banks

    For money transfers, deposits, enquiries and ATM machines visit a local bank.

  • Mykonos Property Management 35 Local Services

  • Mykonos Hoteliers Acossiation 13 Local Authorities

  • architect Dimitri Mantikas 26 Professionals

  • architectural designs by Dimitri Mantikas 19 Contractors

    A list of handymen, freelance designers, contractors, gardeners and many many more.

  • Mykonos Property Management 19 Real Estate Agents

    If you are interested in buying a home, or developing property in Mykonos, contact one of the local estate agents for the latest information and listings.

  • Kochilas Properties 18 Real Estate (external)

    If you are interested in buying a home, or developing property in Mykonos, contact an estate agent for the latest information and listings.

  • Mykonos Radio 8 Press & Radio Services

    To listen to Mykonian radio, tune into the right frequency or listen online from wherever you are. Free press is available at set distribution points.

  • Meraviglia 7 Events Services

    Private events are popular in Mykonos, so whether you are planning the perfect wedding or hosting a dinner for you and your friends contact the island's professionals.

  • Glamour Photography by Dionisis Tsipiras 6 Photography Services

    Develop your pictures, buy a new camera and accessories, print your digital photos or schedule a professional photo shoot for you or your friends.

  • Easy Bet 4 Gambling Places

    Sports betting, national lottery tickets and scratch cards available at OPAP stores in Mykonos.

  • ACS 5 Courier Services

    Whatever you need to have delivered, domestic or abroad, there are several courier companies that will provide you with their services.

  • Pet Stop 4 Pet Services

    Whether you want to but a pet, or provide your pet with food, toys and accessories, Mykonos pet shops have everything you need. For animal emergencies, contact the island's vets.

  • Nibo 13 Suppliers Distributors

    Importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors of everything and anything in Mykonos.

  • Eurognosi 15 Education Institutions

    A complete list of all educational institutions located in Mykonos. From kindergarten to further education.

Recommended Services in Mykonos

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  • Mykonos Town Hall | Local Authorities
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  • Accounting Office | Professionals
  • Police | Local Authorities
  • Public Toilets | Local Services
  • Notary | Professionals
  • Dentist | Medical Services
  • National Bank of Greece | Banks
  • Vodafone | Local Services
  • Mykonos Property Management | Real Estate Agents
  • Christos Kontogiorgis | Pharmacies
  • Commercial Bank of Greece | Banks
  • Filanthis | Florists
  • Vienoula's | Local Services
  • Middle School | Education Institutions
  • Majestic Mykonos Real Estate | Real Estate Agents
  • Xenios Beauty Salon | Health & Beauty Shops
  • architectural designs by Dimitri Mantikas | Contractors
  • Quick Clean | Dry Cleaners
  • Mykonos Radio | Press & Radio Services
  • Georgina Hair Freestyle | Health & Beauty Shops
  • Interamerican | Local Services
  • Change Bureau | Local Services
  • Kammis Hair | Health & Beauty Shops
  • Nibo | Suppliers Distributors
  • Photo Express | Photography Services
  • Dentist | Medical Services